Pro Internal Doors: Glazed internal doors and screening
The Pro30 Internal Door and fixed glazing system presents an optimal solution for crafting tailor-made glazed interior partitions, dividers, or glass walls that effectively demarcate areas while preserving ample natural light and an open-plan office style.

Setting it apart from alternative offerings in the market, Pro30 stands as a distinctive system meticulously tailored for the internal slimline niche.

Employing a unified door profile throughout the range enables the crafting of hinged, pivot, sliding, and bi-folding configurations, ensuring consistent design fluidity across your project, coupled with unparalleled functionality.

Pro30 serves as an excellent means to establish fixed glazed screens, featuring a diverse array of recessed door choices that facilitate seamless movement between spaces.

Whether delineating between kitchen, living, and dining zones in need of a heritage or contemporary look, or excelling in partitioning offices, studios, or commercial entrances, Pro30 emerges as the prime choice.


PRO 30 Technical Perfomance:

• Fixed frame profile height 30mm
• Door profile height 57mm
• Compatible with a range of single glazed options up to 10mm
Max sizes:
• Single hinged door – 1000mm (w) x 2600mm (h)
• Double hinged door – 2000mm (w) x 2600mm (h)
• Single pivot door – 2200mm (w) x 2600mm (h)
• Double pivot door – 4400mm (w) x 2600mm (h)
• Single sliding door – 1200mm (w) x 2600mm (h)
• Double sliding door – 2400mm (w) x 2600mm (h)
• Bi-fold door (per pane) – 830mm (w) x 2600mm (h)

Key Features of the Pro30 Internal Glazed Screening System:

• A genuine internal glazing system – expertly engineered for indoor use • Suitable for both residential and commercial projects • Full spectrum of door configurations achievable using a single system • Options for soft-close and soft-open mechanisms • Available locking solutions • Effortless fabrication and installation • Concealed hinges for a streamlined look • Minimal sight-lines for an unobstructed view

If you are ready to transform your office space with stunning internal doors and screens, and top-of-the-line glazing systems, contact Pro Internal Doors today. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your project, provide expert advice, and offer a competitive quote. Trust us to create an office spaces for your team to enjoy.


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