Optimal solution for projects that require remarkable energy efficiency advantages.
Expertly designed for low-rise applications, the PRO Facilities glazing system utilises a clip-in plate ladder system to facilitate swift and straightforward installation. Furthermore, the system is manufactured within the factory, guaranteeing quality prior to transportation to the site.

An excellent choice for commercial, residential, and public-sector buildings featuring a glass facade element.

Energy conservation takes centre stage in the priorities of any specifier or designer. The PRO Facilities Curtain Walling suite combines aluminum and PVCu to deliver outstanding performance across all aspects of the building structure. The aluminum profile offers all the advantages associated with this popular construction material, including enduring durability.

The inclusion of PVCu profiles enhances the unit’s thermal efficiency due to its inherently poor heat conductivity. Moreover, it simplifies the installation process, leading to increased efficiency.


Key Benefits of PRO Facilities Curtain Walling:

  • Curtain walling spanning up to 13 meters
  • Three mullion transom sections
  • 50mm sightline
  • Clip-in plate ladder system
  • Transom drainage
  • Accommodates glazing up to 32mm
  • Compatible with acoustic glass
  • Low U-Values
  • Tested for windloads of up to 150mph

Technical Performance of PRO Facilities Curtain Walling:

  • Tested to meet BS 6375: Part One standards
  • Air permeability testing to 600pa
  • Water tightness testing to 600pa
  • Windload testing to 2400pa

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